This treatment totally changed my life. Before I had a small penis, which made me feel ashamed and I lacked confidence in myself. Women partners were disappointed after sexual contact and avoided me. Thanks to you I have a large penis to be proud of and satisfied women partners. I can’t thank you enough!

I am a believer. I started using Ayurveda Sanda on 2 November 2012. When I started I was 15.5 cm erect and about 11.75 cm girth. I have been using it every day. Already, I am 16.5 cm erect. I haven’t checked my girth, but when it is in its erect state, it is noticeably and feels a lot thicker. 19 cm is the goal.

I was looking for something that could help me get erections when I needed them. Sometimes after a few drinks I found that things weren’t ‘working’ quite like before. ProlargentSize changed all that, and now my erections are like steel.

My girlfriend loves this stuff and so do I. if you are looking to satisfy your women, then go no further than this product. Give it a try and you will be writing reviews next, I promise you. Great stuff, overall, simply the best I have tried on the market.

I bought this product for my husband, who always said he wished he were bigger down there. After a month and a half of regular use, and quite a bit of fun in the process, we both are noticing some BIG changes down there. Our sex is more enjoyable, his confidence is improved. I would recommend this to any wife wishing her husband had a little more girth down there.

Works perfectly, definitely worth the price. It was an amazing product I’m seeing results and it works. I would highly recommend this to other customers.

My bottle isn’t even half empty yet. I can see a difference so I will continue to apply until I am out. As of now, I am happy with the gain. Even better when I gain another half or whole inch.

Does size matter? Do women care? Who knows! My girlfriend says it doesn’t matter and I think I believed her, but I tried this product anyway. Two months in and it seems to be working great. I have noticed a difference, and my girlfriend mentioned the difference just the other night. I truly haven’t measured or anything like that, but it does seem to have worked, and I have only been using for two months. I haven’t experienced any side effects and am completely satisfied with the product. If I wasn’t embarrassed to tell my friends I was using this type of product, I would recommend this one to all of them!

This is a good product. It is inexpensive and has good ingredients. It is very fairly priced. I have dealt with this company before and I like dealing with them.

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