About Penis Enlargement Pump


A Penis Enlarger Pump is a device that comprises of a pump attached to a cylinder. It is designed to aid in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and allows men to achieve and maintain long-lasting erections. To use the pump, one must place the transparent cylinder fitted with an airtight seal, over his penis. 

The pump can then be operated either manually or electrically, to pump air out of the cylinder. This produces a vacuum around the penis. This vacuum then acts to power blood flow to the penile blood vessels, resulting in the immediate enhancement of both penis length as well as girth. Following this increase, the user can remove the cylinder and fasten a constriction ring to the base of the penis. This helps in the maintaining erection for sexual intercourse. 

A penis pump is a very effective treatment for all those individuals who have faced several unsuccessful attempts at getting firm erections as well as those who wish to employ a quick yet safe way to attain a larger penis. 

With a penis pump, the risk of undesirable side-effects is quite low and the overall expenditure is also less in comparison to other erectile dysfunction treatments. 

Additionally, a penis pump may be used in conjunction with other treatments, to the likes of oral pills and medications for erectile dysfunction, for better and faster results. 


While the great news is that pumps do increase penile length considerably, and that too without any harmful side-effects, the increase takes time and is often temporary when not done in conjunction with other accessory treatments. Some people who use a pump regularly, around three to six times a week for a minimum of 15 minutes per session claim to achieve a bigger penis. However, if they rely on only the pump to maintain an enlarged penis, the results may not be as expected. Moreover, if they stop using the pump, the penis has a tendency to return back to its original size.

Therefore, it is of prime importance to couple this treatment with other penis enlargement methods available today. Independent researchers recommend using a combination of both sanda oil application and penis enlargement pills to extract maximum benefits out of a penis pump.

By using all three methods together, the user gets to experience a noticeable increase in penis length that remains consistent even after he stops using the pump. The results are thus, not only faster and better but also permanent. 


The Penis Enlarger Pump employs a simple technique to enlarge the penis. When the user inserts his penis into the pump attached to the cylinder, the pump produces a vacuum from the cylinder. This vacuum then applies direct pressure on the penis, causing a change in its blood flow. 

Once the penile blood flow is stimulated, the Corpora Cavernosa expands. The more it expands, the more the blood flow increases to the penis and finally it attains a greater length and girth. Once the erection has been achieved, the user must fasten a restriction ring at the base of his penis to maintain this size for sexual intercourse. 

This allows him to sustain the erection for a minimum of 30 minutes. Pumps work equally well for men with erectile dysfunction. 


Penis pumps are incredibly effective in achieving an enlarged penis that remains taught and firm during sexual intercourse. It's largely used worldwide for its fast-acting nature. When used singularly, i.e without the involvement of other medications for penis enlargement, it offers a host of benefits. Here is a quick rundown of the same:

1.) High Efficacy: When used with adequate precautions, an upwards of 80% of men have reported an increase in the ability to sustain erections long and firm enough to perform the act of sex. So if the figure for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction are eliminated, the percentage soars even higher. The efficacy of pumps comes from their fast-acting nature. Within a minute of working, it enlarges the penis sufficiently. 

2.) Low Risk: While men spanning the globe are on the lookout for effective and cheap ways to get a longer penis, the markets are abuzz with so many treatments that claim to treat ED but come with a host of side-effects instead. Penis Pump, on the other hand, begs to differ. Deemed as one of the safest ways to get an enlarged penis, their use incurs nil physical damage. A wee bit of bruising and discomfort may be felt for the first time, but in general, the risks of secondary infections, side-effects ,and other complications are very low. 

3.) Surprisingly Cheap: Touted as one of the most low-cost treatments for erectile dysfunction, penis pumps come across as a welcome respite from all those invasive procedures like surgery and painful injections, that are vastly used these days to attain an enlarged penis. 

4.) Safe To Use: Pumps can be safely used by people who have had an implant installed in their body. They can work well in conjunction with the existing treatment plan too. Most men suffering from erectile dysfunction or with a short penis, usually benefit from a wise combination of treatments to develop an effective plan that provides long-lasting results.

While everything is great with pumps, their benefits surely increase manifold when a person uses them together with penis enlargement capsules and a clinically-recommended medication, like Sanda Oil.