About Penis Enlargement oil (Sanda Oil)


Sanda Oil is a loaded with health-promoting nutrients like Vitamin E and some essential therapeutic herbs that increase blood circulation to the penile cells and tissues. These ingredients also assist the rejuvenation of the neuroarterial synapses, to allow maximum cell regeneration. So simply put, sanda oil triggers the innate power of the penis to achieve firmer erections and enlarge in size upon stimulation. 

When applied to the penis, Sanda Oil spread to the deeper corners and gets absorbed into the blood stream. Once it reaches the circulation, it vasodilates the blood vessels and increases blood flow, thereby causing the expansion of the interior cavity of penis. Consequently , it causes the erectile chamber or Corpora Cavernosa to expand.  
Sanda Oil thus saves the penis from turning flaccid or limp during intercourse and enhances sexual satisfaction. 

While extremely effective in itself, Sanda Oil is known to give better results when used in combination with a penis pump. 


Men suffering from erectile dysfunction or desiring for a larger penis can benefit tremendously by utilizing a combination of all three treatments- Penis pumps, Sanda Oil application as well as penis enlargement capsules.  

Some of those benefits are outlined below:

1.) High Efficacy: Needless to say, when a man performs all three treatments together, the effects are visible from the first day itself. It's certainly not difficult to understand why. All three treatments entail a different mode of application and act to stimulate the penis in three different ways to boost up its size and length. Research has shown that using all three for a period of 5 weeks to 3 months results in an increase of 1-3 inches in penis length. 

2.) The Guarantee of Satisfaction: When all three treatments are employed, the penis increases in size considerably and the owner, of course, gets a boost to his self-confidence as well. With a larger and sturdier penis, he becomes more capable of bringing his A-game to bed and exhibiting peak performance. This automatically improves his sex life, making it blissful and happy. 

3.) Suitable For All: The one thing that deters people from using a treatment plan is doubt. With a combo treatment, however, there is no question of doubt. This is simply because the potency of three traditional treatments combines to stimulate the penile blood vessels and bring about long-lasting erections. So even if one of the treatments don't work for a person, the other two can compensate for its function. 

4.) 100% Natural: Even experts have given a nod to this combo treatment plan. Being wholly Ayurvedic in nature, Sanda Oil medication and capsules come totally free of major side-effects. As for penis pumps, they do impose a slight bruise upon the penis but that too dissipates after initial usage. So all three treatments are non-invasive and can be used with any other existing treatment plan. 

5.) Permanency: While penis pumps alone are extremely effective in rendering results, these results often do not last a lifetime. On the other hand, applying Sanda Oil and consuming Capsules together with using penis pumps can greatly help in achieving a larger penis permanently. Basically, all three types of treatments work differently to trigger the innate potency of the penis to enlarge. 


Although performing this treatment plan is surprisingly simple, it always helps to seek expert opinion before availing the same. 

The Penis Enlarger Pump can be used by simply placing the plastic tube around the penis. Following this, the pump should be operated to create a vacuum inside the tube. This vacuum pressurizes the penis enough to stimulate blood flow within its chambers. 

Once the erection starts forming, the user should then slip the restriction ring around the bottom side of the penis. This helps to maintain an erection for sexual intercourse. 

The device should be removed before sex. 

Application of Sanda Oil is also very simple. The user should apply up to 10 drops of this oil on his penis, 20 minutes before sex. For best results the Sanda Oil and penis pump can be used alternatively to achieve a larger penis within few days itself. 

Penis enlargement capsules should be consumed only after consulting the doctor. Although they have an herbal base, it is important to take this little precaution. Ideally, pills can be consumed thrice a week. 

The best part of this combo treatment plan is that neither of the methods interferes with each other, instead, all three work cohesively to bring about maximum results. Even if a person is recalcitrant to a particular treatment, say capsules, he can still use this plan for best results.